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人工内耳は、高度難聴者の聴力を回復させることができるが、人工内耳の装着者の反応には大きな個人差があり、人工内耳が作動してから数時間以内に発話を聞き取れる者もいれば、何カ月使用しても聴力がほとんど回復しない者もいる。今回、Robert Froemkeたちは、その原因を解明するため、16匹の難聴ラットに人工内耳を装着し、聴力回復に関連する脳活動のパターンを研究した。ラットの人工内耳に対する反応は、ヒトの場合と同様に個体差があり、今回の研究では、青斑核(学習に関連する脳幹領域)の活動から人工内耳に対する良好な反応を予測できることが明らかになった。青斑核を人工的に活性化させると、観察された個体差は消失し、この方法で青斑核を刺激された全てのラットは、人工内耳を装着してわずか数日後に音に対する反応を示した。


The neural mechanisms that enable cochlear implants to successfully restore hearing are elucidated in a study in rats, published in Nature this week. The study provides a pathway to help to improve the performance of these widely used medical devices.

Cochlear implants can restore hearing in people with profound deafness, but responses vary widely. Some recipients can understand speech within hours of the implant’s activation, whereas others experience little recovery even after many months of use. To understand why, Robert Froemke and colleagues fitted 16 deaf rats with cochlear implants and then studied the patterns of brain activity associated with hearing restoration. Similar to people, rats varied in their responses to the implant: in the study, activity in the locus coeruleus (a region of the brainstem associated with learning) predicted a positive reaction. When the same brain region was activated artificially, the variation observed between animals disappeared — every rat stimulated in this way displayed responses to sounds after only a few days of being fitted with the implant.

Neurons in the locus coeruleus make and release the neuromodulatory chemical noradrenaline, which can then influence the structure and function of diverse neural networks. This ‘rewiring’ of the brain is a key feature of learning; when cochlear implants fail, it may be because the locus coeruleus is not adequately engaged and the brain is less able to rewire itself. Strategies that help to engage this target area could therefore help to optimize the functioning of neuroprosthetic devices, the authors suggest.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-05554-8

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