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動物から着想した飛行ロボットの一団が、飛行しながら3Dプリントを行って構造物を作製したことを報告する論文が、Nature に掲載される。未来の航空ロボットは、建設環境が悪い現場や遠隔地での住宅建設や重要インフラの建設を支援できるかもしれない。


今回、Mirko Kovacたちは、こうした自然界の建設職人にヒントを得て、テザーなしの航空ロボットの一団を使って、人間の監視の下で3D構造物を集団的かつ自律的に作製する新しい製造方法を設計した。そして、材料を堆積するためのBuilDronesと構造品質を評価するためのScanDronesが開発された。これらのロボットは、原理証明実験において、発泡材料とセメント系材料を使って、高さ2.05 mと0.18 mの円筒形構造物を作製し、英国の建築基準に適合する高い精度(5 mm)が達成された。


A team of flying robots inspired by animals, capable of building 3D-printed structures while in flight, is presented in a Nature paper. Future aerial robots could provide building support for housing and vital infrastructure in remote or hard to access locations.

Ground-based robots are being developed for onsite construction as they may be safer and more productive than human builders. However, these robots are limited by the maximum height they can operate at and large-scale systems require being plugged into a power supply, which reduces manoeuvrability. Conversely, natural builders — such as wasps, termites and barn swallows — are highly flexible and adaptable when building their habitats with the aid of flight.

Inspired by natural builders, Mirko Kovac and colleagues designed a new manufacturing method using a group of untethered aerial robots to collectively and autonomously construct 3D structures under human supervision. They developed BuilDrones, to deposit materials, and ScanDrones, to assess the structural quality. The robots constructed proof-of-principle cylinders using foam and cement-like material with heights of 2.05 metres and 0.18 metres, respectively. The structures were built with a high accuracy of 5 mm, which is acceptable within UK building requirements.

The authors suggest that following further development, future aerial robots could help build structures in difficult to access areas, such as hostile locations, areas at great height or remote locations at risk of natural disasters.

doi: 10.1038/s41586-022-04988-4

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