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Engineering: Small soft robots jump, swim and crawl while carrying cargo


人間の手が届かない場所への移動を目的とする既存の小型ロボットは、複雑な表面や地形の通り抜けに苦戦する傾向があるが、ソフトロボットは、剛体ロボットより移動性に優れている。今回、Metin Sittiたちの研究グループは、地形に応じて転がったり、飛び上がったりなどいくつかの歩行運動様式の切り替えができる磁気制御のケイ素樹脂デバイスを開発した。このデバイスは、物理的介入なしに流体中の移動から明確な構造を持たない固体表面上の移動への移行ができ、荷物を積み込み、輸送し、別の場所で降ろすことができる。

A millimetre-scale, magnetically controlled soft robot with multiple locomotion styles is reported online in Nature this week. This rectangular device - which can switch between crawling, walking and swimming while carrying cargo - may enable applications in microengineering and healthcare, like targeted drug delivery or minimally invasive surgery.

Existing small-scale robots designed to travel to locations that are inaccessible for humans tend to struggle to negotiate complex surfaces or terrains; but soft-bodied robots have greater mobility than their rigid counterparts. Metin Sitti and colleagues have developed a magnetically controlled silicone device that can switch between several locomotive styles, including rolling and jumping, depending on terrain. The device can transition from swimming through liquids to moving on solid unstructured surfaces without physical intervention and can pick up cargo, transport it and deposit it elsewhere.

doi: 10.1038/nature25443

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