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Cancer: Identifying sources of acute myeloid leukaemia relapse



今回、John Dickたちの研究グループは、AML患者11人から診断時と再発時に採取した単核血球のサンプルを用いて、診断時に既に存在していた薬剤抵抗性細胞と2つの異なる経路を同定し、それらがAMLの再発を引き起こしたことを明らかにした。1つの患者群(未分化細胞を再発起源とする)の場合には、治療開始前の診断時にまれな白血病幹細胞集団が既に存在していたことを原因として再発したことが明らかになった。これに対して別の患者群(拘束細胞を再発起源とする)の場合には、幹細胞の転写シグネチャーを保持していた白血病細胞集団が原因となって再発していた。以上の新知見は、この2つの患者群におけるAMLの再発が、同定された細胞の幹細胞特性と結びついていることを示唆している。


Relapse of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) can arise owing to the presence of one of two distinct populations of leukaemia cells according to a study published online in Nature this week. The identification of different patterns of relapse could lead to improved methods for disease management and monitoring of AML.

In AML, long-term survival is poor as most patients relapse after remission of the cancer. However, the mechanisms of therapy failure and the capacity for leukaemic regeneration have been difficult to identify.

Using samples of mononuclear blood cells collected from 11 patients with AML at diagnosis and relapse, John Dick and colleagues identified therapy-resistant cells already present at diagnosis and two distinct pathways resulting in the relapse of this cancer. In some patients (defined as having a primitive relapse origin), relapse occurred owing to the presence of a rare population of leukaemia stem cells, already present at diagnosis prior to the initiation of therapy. Conversely, in other patients (relapse origin-committed cases), relapse developed because of a group of leukaemia cells that have retained transcriptional signatures of stem cells. The findings suggest that relapse in both patient groups is linked to the stem cell properties of the cells identified.

The findings support the idea that therapeutic strategies for AML must not only eradicate bulk tumour cells, but also effectively target cancer stem cells.

doi: 10.1038/nature22993

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