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Cancer: A step towards a universal cancer vaccine


今回、Ugur Sahinたちは、RNAが脂質(脂肪酸)膜に覆われており細胞膜に似た状態のRNA-リポプレックスナノ粒子からできたワクチンを静脈内投与して、マウスの免疫系細胞の一種である樹状細胞に送達した。その結果分かったのは、このナノ粒子の正味の電荷がわずかにマイナスになるように調整するだけで樹状細胞への効率的な送達を実現できることだ。このリポプレックスは、RNAが体内で分解されないように保護する作用があり、脾臓、リンパ節、骨髄の樹状細胞とマクロファージにRNAが取り込まれる際に関与しており、こうして取り込まれたRNAは、がん特異的な抗原に翻訳される。


A nanoparticle RNA vaccine that takes advantage of the immune system’s response to viral infection and refocuses it to fight cancer is reported online this week in Nature. The study shows that the vaccine induces antitumour immune responses in mouse tumour models and three patients with advanced melanoma, and possibly represents a step towards a universal vaccine for cancer immunotherapy.

Ugur Sahin and colleagues targeted immune system cells called dendritic cells in mice by using an intravenously administered vaccine made up of RNA-lipoplex nanoparticles - RNA surrounded by a lipid (fatty acid) membrane, similar to a cell membrane. They find that adjusting the net electrical charge of the nanoparticles to be slightly negative is enough to efficiently target dendritic cells. The lipoplex protects the RNA from being broken down by the body, and mediates its uptake into dendritic cells and macrophages in the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow, where the RNA is then translated into a cancer-specific antigen.

The authors show that this triggers a strong antigen-specific T-cell response and mediates a potent interferon-α (IFNα)-dependent rejection of progressive tumours in several mouse tumour models. In preliminary results from a human phase I dose escalation trial of the vaccine, the authors show that three melanoma patients treated at a low-dose level experience strong IFNα and antigen-specific T-cell responses. They conclude that, because almost any protein-based antigen can be encoded by RNA, the nanoparticle vaccine may potentially qualify as a universal vaccine for cancer immunotherapy.

doi: 10.1038/nature18300

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