Research Abstract


A real-time dynamic holographic material using a fast photochromic molecule

2012年11月8日 Scientific Reports 2 : 819 doi: 10.1038/srep00819


石井 寛人1, 加藤 哲也1 & 阿部 二朗1, 2

  1. 青山学院大学理工学部 化学・生命科学科
  2. 科学技術振興機構 戦略的創造研究推進事業チーム型研究(CREST)
We have developed a real-time, dynamic holographic material that exhibits rapid colouration upon irradiation with UV light and successive fast thermal bleaching within tens of milliseconds at room temperature. Photochromic polymer films were prepared by a simple solution-casting method from the benzene solution of the mixture of the photochromic molecule, poly(ethyl acrylate), and poly(phenoxyethyl acrylate). The real-time control of holographic images using the photochromic polymer film yields a speed equivalent to the time resolution of the human eye. This new type of dynamic holographic material based on fast photochromism opens up an exciting new area of research in the future development of a large dynamic 3D display.