Research Abstract


Hair organ regeneration via the bioengineered hair follicular unit transplantation

2012年5月28日 Scientific Reports 2 : 424 doi: 10.1038/srep00424


浅川 杏祐1、豊島 公栄2、石橋 菜央子1、戸部 浩史1、岩楯 綾子1、金山 達哉1、長谷川 智子1、中尾 一久2、土岐 寛志2、野口 翔太郎1、小川 美帆3、佐藤 明男2,4,5 & 辻 孝1,2,3

  1. 東京理科大学大学院 基礎工学研究科
  2. 東京理科大学 総合研究機構
  3. 株式会社 オーガンテクノロジーズ
  4. 東京メモリアルクリニック
  5. 北里大学 医学部 再生医療形成外科学寄附講座

Recent developments in measurement techniques have enabled us to observe the time series of many components simultaneously. Thus, it is important to understand not only the dynamics of individual time series but also their interactions. Although there are many methods for analysing the interaction between two or more time series, there are very few methods that describe global changes of the interactions over time. Here, we propose an approach to visualise time evolution for the global changes of the interactions in complex systems. This approach consists of two steps. In the first step, we construct a meta-time series of networks. In the second step, we analyse and visualise this meta-time series by using distance and recurrence plots. Our two-step approach involving intermediate network representations elucidates the half-a-day periodicity of foreign exchange markets and a singular functional network in the brain related to perceptual alternations.