Research Abstract

魚類の眼状紋色模様は連続的な誘導によって決定づけられる:チョウの眼状紋との機序的な収斂  OPEN ブックマーク

Eyespot colour pattern determination by serial induction in fish: Mechanistic convergence with butterfly eyespots

2012年2月28日 Scientific Reports 2 : 290 doi: 10.1038/srep00290 (2012)


大野 良和1 & 大瀧 丈二1

  1. 琉球大学理学部

Vertebrate and invertebrate colour pattern determination mechanisms are considered distinct; recently, however, both fish and butterfly colour patterns have been partly explained by reaction-diffusion mechanisms. Here, we show that multi-coloured eyespots of the spotted mandarin fish, which are reminiscent of butterfly eyespots, are determined by the serial induction of colour patterns. The morphological characterisation of eyespots indicates a sequence of colour pattern development and dynamic interactions between eyespots. A substantial part of an eyespot can be surgically removed and is then reconstructed by regeneration. Strikingly, ectopic patterns are induced by damage at a background (eyespotless) area, but focal damage did not change the eyespot size. Early stages of damage repair were accompanied by calcium oscillations. These results demonstrate that fish eyespots are determined by serial induction, which is likely based on a reaction-diffusion mechanism. These findings suggest mechanistic similarities between the fish and butterfly systems.