Research Abstract


Indiscriminable sounds determine the direction of visual motion

2012年4月17日 Scientific Reports 2 : 365 doi: 10.1038/srep00365


小林まおり1, 寺本渉1,2*, 日髙聡太3 & 杉田 陽一4

  1. 東北大学 電気通信研究所
  2. 室蘭工業大学 情報電子工学系学科
  3. 立教大学 現代心理学部
  4. 早稲田大学 文学部 心理学教室
On cross-modal interactions, top-down controls such as attention and explicit identification of cross-modal inputs were assumed to play crucial roles for the optimization. Here we show the establishment of cross-modal associations without such top-down controls. The onsets of two circles producing apparent motion perception were accompanied by indiscriminable sounds consisting of six identical and one unique sound frequencies. After adaptation to the visual apparent motion with the sounds, the sounds acquired a driving effect for illusory visual apparent motion perception. Moreover, the pure tones with each unique frequency of the sounds acquired the same effect after the adaptation, indicating that the difference in the indiscriminable sounds was implicitly coded. We further confrimed that the aftereffect didnot transfer between eyes. These results suggest that the brain establishes new neural representations between sound frequency and visual motion without clear identification of the specific relationship between cross-modal stimuli in early perceptual processing stages.