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Calling the shots in ecosystem restoration


かつて農耕が行われていた土地は、長年の集約的な生産が強い雑草を助長して土壌群集を破壊しているため、回復させることが困難である。これまでの研究は、かつての農地に健全な土壌を移植することが回復に役立つことを明らかにしている。しかし、Jasper Wubsたちは、健全な土壌生物相を少量投入することが土地の回復に役立つばかりか、投入する土壌の由来によってその回復が異なる種類の生態系へ導かれることを初めて明らかにした。

研究チームは、60年近くにわたって耕作されていた160 haの土地の一部から土壌の最表層を除去し、草原またはヒース地に由来する移植用土壌の薄層(1 cm未満)を別々の区画へ加えた。6年後、処置を行った区画は反応がそれぞれ異なり、土壌を移植した場所に草原またはヒース地と関係する植物が生えていることが観察された。さらに、その区画には、それぞれの生態系種別に特徴的な土壌無脊椎動物、微生物、および真菌類の定着が確認された。

Degraded ecosystems can be restored to health by inoculating them with healthy soil, reports a paper published in Nature Plants this week. The study also shows that inoculation with different kinds of soil steers recovery towards the donor system, meaning that intensively farmed land can be directed to become a healthy grassland or heathland. This finding could help to rewild landscapes that have deteriorated after decades of farming.

Restoring ex-farmland is difficult because years of intensive production promotes competitive weeds and disrupts the soil community. Previous studies have shown that transplanting healthy soil to the ex-farmland helps it recover. However, Jasper Wubs and colleagues are the first to show that injecting small amounts of healthy soil biota not only helps restore the land, but that recovery can be directed towards different kinds of ecosystems, depending on where the donated soil comes from.

They removed the top layer of soil from parts of a 160-hectare field that had been farmed for nearly 60 years, and then applied a thin (<1 cm) layer of soil inoculum from grassland or heathland to different areas. Six years later, they observed that the treated areas had responded differently, with the inoculated sites acquiring plants associated with grassland or heathland. Furthermore, they found that the plots had been colonized by the characteristic soil invertebrates, microbes and fungi of each kind of ecosystem.

doi: 10.1038/nplants.2016.107

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