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'Chaos control' spawns complex robotic behavior

昆虫からヒントを得た、カオス制御の利用により環境に素早く対応する「賢い」6本足のロボットは、「ゴキブリのような」さまざまな複雑な動きができる。このような6脚ロボットがNature Physicsで発表された。

 動物の動きを模倣することは、でこぼした地面を歩くといった非常に単純なことであっても難しい課題である。しかし、P Manoonpongと M Timmeたちは、単純だが本質的にカオス的なパターンジェネレーターを自律ロボットの制御系に組み込むことによって、複雑な環境をうまく通り抜けられるようにする適応行動が可能になることを示している。このロボットは、11種の基本的な動きを組み合せて行い、動作の自律性が限定されごくわずかの動きしかできない多くの同種のロボットよりも優れている。


Inspired by insects, a 'smart' six-legged robot that uses chaos control to react quickly to its environment can perform a variety of complex 'cockroach-like' behaviours. The hexapod is revealed in this week's Nature Physics.

Mimicking even the simplest of animal behaviour, such as walking along uneven terrain, is a challenging task. But Poramate Manoonpong, Marc Timme, and colleagues show that by incorporating a simple but inherently chaotic pattern-generator into the control system of an autonomous robot enables it to exhibit adaptive behaviour that allows it to successfully navigate through a complex environment. The robot, which performs combinations of 11 basic behaviours, outstrips many of its rivals that operate with limited autonomy and perform just a few behaviours. The team designed the device, which uses 18 sensors to drive 18 motors by means of one simple neural circuit.

The result is a robot that swiftly changes gait to walk uphill, downhill or over rough terrain, whilst retaining the ability to avoid obstacles and react to light. And if it finds itself in a hole, the neural circuit operates chaotically, enabling the robot to free itself. So the hexapod quickly and reversibly adapts to new situations, but also retains the ability to learn over longer time scales.

doi: 10.1038/nphy1508


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