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Nature Physics

Quantum entanglement could boost communication capacity

量子力学の法則が古典的な情報つまり2値情報をより効率的に送るのに役立つ可能性があることが、Nature Physics(電子版)の論文で示唆されている。この発見によって、量子情報理論の分野における最も重要な未解決問題の1つと考えられている難問の答えが得られる。この難問とは、量子力学の効果を古典的な「情報ビット」を送るのに利用できるかというものである。


今回M Hastingsは、基本的なレベルでこれらの推測が誤りであることを示した。今回の発見の実用的な意義については今後の課題だが、量子情報チャネルの容量を計算する方法と直接的な関連があり、したがって、量子効果を利用できる可能性がある通信タスクを予測することと直接関係している。

The laws of quantum mechanics could help to transmit classical ? or binary ? information more efficiently, suggests a paper online this week in Nature Physics. This finding solves a problem considered to be one of the most important open questions in the field of quantum information theory ? can the effects of quantum mechanics be harnessed for sending classical ‘bits of information?’

In recent years, there has been intense research activities aimed at using quantum-mechanical effects ? which govern the behaviour of particles at the smallest length scales ? for the purposes of communication and computation. A key property that has been harnessed is known as quantum entanglement, but it has been unclear whether this can help transmit classical information efficiently through quantum communication channels. Several conjectures say that quantum entanglement is of no help in such situations.

Matthew Hastings now shows, on a fundamental level, that these conjectures are false. The practical significance of these findings remains to be shown, however they will be of immediate relevance to how the capacity of quantum communication channels can be calculated, and therefore for predicting in which communication tasks quantum effects can be of potential use.

doi: 10.1038/nphys1224


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