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Nature Microbiology

Public health: Long-term exposure to microbial pathogens results in childhood stunting

子どもが病原性微生物に絶えず曝露されると、消化管壁の損傷が引き起こされ、食物の吸収に影響が出て、成長が阻害される可能性があることを報告する論文が、Nature Microbiology に掲載される。この知見は、ザンビアの300人以上の子どもを調べた研究に基づいている。


今回、Paul Kelly、Beatrice Amadiたちは、2016~2019年にザンビアのルサカで、地域社会を基盤とする発育阻害の縦断観察研究を行った。消耗症と発育阻害に取り組む介入研究とは異なり、Kellyたちは、内視鏡検査と顕微鏡検査を併用して、発育阻害と関連する腸内の状態を評価した。すると、介入では改善が見られない発育阻害の幼児は、消化管が病原性微生物に継続的に強く曝露されていて、特に腸の重い炎症が続いていることが分かった。Kellyたちは、発育を回復させるに当たって、治療は消化管を修復して病原体への曝露を最小限に抑えることに焦点を絞るべきだと結論付けている。

Constant exposure to microbial pathogens in children leads to damage to the lining of the gut, which affects food absorption and can result in stunted growth, according to research published in Nature Microbiology. The findings are based on a study of more than 300 children in Zambia.

There are 140 million children with stunting and 40 million children with wasting from malnourishment worldwide. Gut damage due to environmental factors is a major contributor to stunting in millions of children in Africa and South Asia. Previous research has shown that providing food and sanitary measures to undernourished children does not reliably restore growth, and that a proportion of children remain stunted.

Paul Kelly, Beatrice Amadi and colleagues carried out a community-based longitudinal, observational study of stunting in Lusaka, Zambia, from 2016 to 2019. Unlike interventional studies to address wasting and stunting, the authors assessed the intestinal pathology associated with stunting by using a combination of endoscopy and microscopy. They found that young children with stunting that doesn’t respond to intervention have continuous, intense exposure to gut microbial pathogens and severe ongoing inflammation of the intestine, among other gut issues. The authors conclude that treatment should focus on healing the gut and minimizing the child’s exposure to pathogens as they catch up in growth.

doi: 10.1038/s41564-020-00849-w


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