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Little known disease may kill as many as measles

世界の類鼻疽による被害は実際より大幅に低く見積もられており、類鼻疽が存在する国はこれまで考えられていたよりもずっと多いとの報告が寄せられている。類鼻疽は強力な病原性を持つ類鼻疽菌burkholderia pseudomalleiが引き起こす病気で、世界の年間死亡数は麻疹と同程度で、デング感染よりもはるかに多い。


今回Direk Limmathurotsakulたちは、記録されている類鼻疽の症例(ヒト、動物)と1910年から2014年までに公表された環境中の類鼻疽菌に関する報告とを地図に表し、すでに報告のある45か国での類鼻疽の報告は実際よりも非常に少なく、さらにそれ以外の34か国でも、これまで症例の報告は全くなかったが現在は類鼻疽が存在すると推定した。Limmathurotsakulたちは、世界のヒト類鼻疽は毎年165,000例で、死に至るのはそのうち89,000例と推定している。これらの結果がはっきり示すように、世界の保健機関や政策担当者はこの病気をもっと重視する必要があるとLimmathurotsakulたちは考えている。

The global disease burden of melioidosis is severely underestimated and the disease is present in many more countries than previously thought, reports a paper published online in Nature Microbiology this week. The study suggests that, globally, the annual number of deaths from melioidosis-caused by the highly pathogenic bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei-is similar to measles and far greater than dengue infection.

Intrinsically resistant to a wide range of antibiotics, B. pseudomallei is commonly found in soils in Southeast Asia and Northern Australia but can be spread to non-endemic areas through the importation of infected animals. As melioidosis is also difficult to diagnose, the global distribution of B. pseudomallei and global disease burden of melioidosis has proved difficult to assess.

Direk Limmathurotsakul and colleagues map recorded melioidosis cases (human and animal) and environmental reports of B. pseudomallei-published between 1910 and 2014-to estimate that melioidosis is severely under-reported in the 45 countries where it has already been reported, and that it is also present in an additional 34 countries that have never reported a case. The authors estimate that there are 165,000 human melioidosis cases per year worldwide, of which 89,000 will be fatal. They suggest these results highlight the need for this disease to be given a higher priority by international health organizations and policy makers.

doi: 10.1038/nmicrobiol.2015.8


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