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Social sciences: Predicting a screen actor’s most productive year of work



今回、Lucas Lacasaたちの研究グループは、世界的なデータベースを用いて、1888~2016年の200万人以上の映画俳優のキャリアにわたる生産性の時間的パターンを調べた。その結果、大部分の俳優はそのキャリアにおいて高く評価された仕事の数が非常に少なかった一方、ごく一部の俳優ではこうした仕事の数が100を超えることから、仕事の割り当てに関する「豊かな者がさらに豊かになる」機構が示唆された。また、俳優のキャリアにおいて仕事に費やした時間の割合は予測不能だが、その活動期はホットストリーク(仕事が続く流れ)とコールドストリーク(全く仕事のない流れ)の時期に分けられ、仕事のあった年の翌年は仕事を得る可能性が高く、仕事がなかった年の翌年は仕事を得る可能性が低くなる傾向が見られることが分かった。Lacasaたちは、それぞれの俳優について、生産性が最も高い年は過去のことなのか今後のことなのかを、仕事の履歴から85%の精度で予測できることを明らかにした。

A machine-learning method that can predict whether an actor's most productive year of work in film and TV has already occurred or lies ahead is presented in Nature Communications. The study reports that the most productive year tends to be towards the beginning in an actor's career, and this effect is more pronounced in the case of female actors, who are also more likely to have shorter careers than male actors.

With a 90% unemployment rate and only about 2% of screen actors making a living out of acting, simply having enough work (sustained productivity) can constitute success for most actors.

Lucas Lacasa and colleagues used a worldwide database to study the temporal patterns of productivity over the careers of more than two million screen actors between 1888 and 2016. The authors find that most actors have very few credited jobs during their careers, although a few actors have over a hundred, indicative of a 'rich-get-richer' mechanism with respect to the allocation of work. They also report that although the percentage of an acting career spent working is unpredictable, active years are clustered into hot and cold streaks, where actors are more likely to work in a given year if they worked the year before and less likely if they did not. The authors show that it is possible to predict with an accuracy of 85% whether an actor's most productive year of work has already passed or is still ahead of them, based on their work history.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10213-0

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