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Environment: Uncovering unknown by-products of coal burning


石炭の燃焼は、環境とヒトの健康に深刻な影響を及ぼす可能性のあることが知られている。石炭燃焼によって生成する粒子状物質は、大気汚染の一因となることがあり、全世界で年間330万人の死者が、直径2.5 μm未満の粒子によって命が縮められたと推定されている。

今回、Michael Hochellaたちの研究グループは、米国と中国の12か所の石炭火力発電所から集めた石炭灰試料を分析し、これまで石炭燃焼の副産物として知られていなかったナノスケールのチタニア亜酸化物粒子が試料中に大量に含まれていることを発見した。この粒子は、マグネリ相と呼ばれ、炭素中に自然に存在している酸化チタン(TiO2)鉱物が燃焼することで生成される。Hochellaたちは、この無機化合物を環境マーカーとして用い、全世界で石炭燃焼の影響評価ができるという考えを示している。


A new potentially toxic mineral compound has been found in large quantities in coal ash samples analysed in a study published in Nature Communications this week. These findings provide a new environmental marker for monitoring emissions from coal burning. However, it should be noted that the potential toxic effects of this compound were tested in zebrafish and have not yet been assessed for humans.

Coal burning is known to have potentially severe environmental and human health impacts. Particulate matter generated from coal burning can contribute to air pollution; particles with a diameter smaller than 2.5 μm have been estimated to cause 3.3 million premature deaths per year worldwide.

Michael Hochella and colleagues analyse coal ash samples taken from 12 coal-burning power plants in the United States and China. They discover that nanoscale titania suboxide particles - a previously unknown by-product of coal-burning - are present in large quantities of all samples. These particles, so-called Magneli phases, are generated from the burning of titanium oxide TiO2 minerals naturally present in coal. The authors suggest that these mineral compounds could be used as an environmental marker globally to assess the impact of coal burning.

The team also tested the toxicity using zebrafish and found that Magneli phases may have detrimental effects on zebrafish embryos under certain environmental conditions. However, they stress that the toxicity will be need to be tested further in relation to effects in human tissues.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00276-2

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