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Medical research: Decrease in UK dementia cases over the last decade


Carol Brayneたちは、1989~1994年にイングランドとウェールズの3つの代表地域であるケンブリッジシャー、ニューカッスル、ノッティンガムで、65歳以上の7,635人に対して面接を行った。そして、参加者の20%に対して実施された標準化診断評価面接に基づいて、1989~1994年の認知症患者数が推定された。その2年後にBrayneたちは、前回面接した者の76%に対して再度面接を行い、認知症罹患率を直接計算した。さらに、Brayneたちは、認知症罹患率の経時変化を調べるため、別の5,288人に対して2年間に2回の面接を行って、2008~2011年の上記3地域における認知症罹患率の分析を別々に実施し、この3地域における認知症症例の発生率が、初回と2回目の分析の間に約20%低下したという推定結果を明らかにした。その主たる原因は、全ての年齢層の男性における罹患率の低下だった。


An estimated 20% drop in the incidence rate of new cases of dementia in the UK from the 1990s to 2011 is reported in Nature Communications this week.

Carol Brayne and colleagues ran a series of interviews with 7,635 people aged 65 years and over between 1989 and 1994 across England and Wales - focusing on three representative areas in Cambridgeshire, Newcastle and Nottingham. They estimated the numbers of people suffering from dementia during this time period based upon a standardized diagnostic assessment interview conducted with 20% of the participants. Two years later, they re-interviewed 76% of the same individuals to directly calculate the incidence of dementia. In order to investigate changes in dementia incidence over time, the authors conducted separate analyses on dementia incidence in these three areas in 2008-2011, when a further 5,288 people were interviewed twice over the course of two years. They show that the rate of dementia cases estimated to have occurred in the three areas dropped by around 20% between the first and second analysis. This drop was mainly attributed to a decrease in incidence among men of all ages.

These results suggest that the number of dementia cases in the UK is not growing as fast as might have been predicted in an increasingly ageing population. Although similar decreases in dementia rates have already been reported in previous studies, the availability of a new cohort of participants allowed the authors to make a comparison of dementia incidence over time, while maintaining the same method of analysis. The study does not identify the underlying causes of this reduction.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms11398

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