Research Abstract


Ultralow mode-volume photonic crystal nanobeam cavities for high-efficiency coupling to individual ​carbon nanotube emitters

2014年11月25日 Nature Communications 5 : 5580 doi: 10.1038/ncomms6580


三浦 良平1, 今村 真之1, 太田 竜一2, 石井 晃博1, 劉 栩青1, 嶋田 行志1, 岩本 敏2, 荒川 泰彦2 & 加藤 雄一郎1

  1. 東京大学 工学系研究科 総合研究機構
  2. 東京大学 生産技術研究所
The unique emission properties of single-walled ​carbon nanotubes are attractive for achieving increased functionality in integrated photonics. In addition to being room-temperature telecom-band emitters that can be directly grown on ​silicon, they are ideal for coupling to nanoscale photonic structures. Here we report on high-efficiency coupling of individual air-suspended ​carbon nanotubes to ​silicon photonic crystal nanobeam cavities. Photoluminescence images of dielectric- and air-mode cavities reflect their distinctly different mode profiles and show that fields in the air are important for coupling. We find that the air-mode cavities couple more efficiently, and estimated spontaneous emission coupling factors reach a value as high as 0.85. Our results demonstrate advantages of ultralow mode-volumes in air-mode cavities for coupling to low-dimensional nanoscale emitters.