Research Abstract


Direct interaction of ​Plk4 with ​STIL ensures formation of a single procentriole per parental centriole

2014年10月24日 Nature Communications 5 : 5267 doi: 10.1038/ncomms6267


太田 緑1, 芦川 朋子1, 野崎 由佳1, 秦 裕子2, 後藤 英仁3, 稲垣 昌樹3, 尾山 大明2 & 北川 大樹1

  1. 国立遺伝学研究所 新分野創造センター 中心体生物学研究室
  2. 東京大学 医科学研究所 疾患プロテオミクスラボラトリー
  3. 愛知県がんセンター研究所 腫瘍医化学部
Formation of one procentriole next to each pre-existing centriole is essential for centrosome duplication, robust bipolar spindle assembly and maintenance of genome integrity. However, the mechanisms maintaining strict control over centriole copy number are incompletely understood. Here we show that ​Plk4 and ​STIL, the key regulators of centriole formation, form a protein complex that provides a scaffold for recruiting ​HsSAS-6, a major component of the centriolar cartwheel, at the onset of procentriole formation. Furthermore, we demonstrate that phosphorylation of ​STIL by ​Plk4 facilitates the ​STIL/​HsSAS-6 interaction and centriolar loading of ​HsSAS-6. We also provide evidence that negative feedback by centriolar ​STIL regulates bimodal centriolar distribution of ​Plk4 and seemingly restricts occurrence of procentriole formation to one site on each parental centriole. Overall, these findings suggest a mechanism whereby coordinated action of three critical factors ensures formation of a single procentriole per parental centriole.