Research Abstract

グラフェンのステップエッジから端面内成長のin situSTEM観察

In situ observation of step-edge in-plane growth of graphene in a STEM

2014年6月2日 Nature Communications 5 : 4055 doi: 10.1038/ncomms5055


劉崢1, 林永昌1, 呂俊頡2, 葉昭輝2, 邱博文2, 飯島 澄男1 & 末永 和知1

  1. 産業技術総合研究所 ナノチューブ応用研究センター
  2. 清華大学 電子工程研究所(台湾)
It is extremely difficult to control the growth orientation of the graphene layer in comparison to Si or III–V semiconductors. Here we report a direct observation of graphene growth and domain boundary formation in a scanning transmission electron microscope, with residual hydrocarbon in the microscope chamber being used as the carbon source for in-plane graphene growth at the step-edge of bilayer graphene substrate. We show that the orientation of the growth is strongly influenced by the step-edge structure and areas grown from a reconstructed 5–7 edge are rotated by 30° with respect to the mother layer. Furthermore, single heteroatoms like Si may act as catalytic active sites for the step-edge growth. The findings provide an insight into the mechanism of graphene growth and defect reconstruction that can be used to tailor carbon nanostructures with desired properties.