Research Abstract


A versatile cis-acting inverter module for synthetic translational switches

2013年9月3日 Nature Communications 4 : 2393 doi: 10.1038/ncomms3393


遠藤 慧1, 2, 林 香倫1, 2, 井上 丹1, 3 & 齊藤 博英1, 2, 4

  1. 科学技術振興機構 国際共同研究
  2. 京都大学 iPS細胞研究所
  3. 京都大学大学院 生命科学研究科
  4. 京都大学 白眉センター
Artificial genetic switches have been designed and tuned individually in living cells. A method to directly invert an existing OFF switch to an ON switch should be highly convenient to construct complex circuits from well-characterized modules, but developing such a technique has remained a challenge. Here we present a cis-acting RNA module to invert the function of a synthetic translational OFF switch to an ON switch in mammalian cells. This inversion maintains the property of the parental switch in response to a particular input signal. In addition, we demonstrate simultaneous and specific expression control of both the OFF and ON switches. The module fits the criteria of universality and expands the versatility of mRNA-based information processing systems developed for artificially controlling mammalian cellular behaviour.