Research Abstract


Single-photon decision maker

2015年8月17日 Scientific Reports 5 : 13253 doi: 10.1038/srep13253


Makoto Naruse, Martin Berthel, Aurélien Drezet, Serge Huant, Masashi Aono, Hirokazu Hori & Song-Ju Kim

Corresponding Authors

成瀬 誠
NICT光ネットワーク研究所 フォトニックネットワークシステム研究室

金 成主
NIMS国際ナノアーキテクトニクス研究拠点 原子エレクトロニクスグループ

Decision making is critical in our daily lives and for society in general and is finding evermore practical applications in information and communication technologies. Herein, we demonstrate experimentally that single photons can be used to make decisions in uncertain, dynamically changing environments. Using a nitrogen-vacancy in a nanodiamond as a single-photon source, we demonstrate the decision-making capability by solving the multi-armed bandit problem. This capability is directly and immediately associated with single-photon detection in the proposed architecture, leading to adequate and adaptive autonomous decision making. This study makes it possible to create systems that benefit from the quantum nature of light to perform practical and vital intelligent functions.