Research Abstract


High-throughput formation of lipid bilayer membrane arrays with an asymmetric lipid composition

2014年11月17日 Scientific Reports 4 : 7076 doi: 10.1038/srep07076


Arrayed lipid bilayer chambers allow single-molecule analysis of membrane transporter activity
Watanabe, R. et al.
Nature communications 5, 4519, doi:10.1038/ncomms5519 (2014).

渡邉 力也1,2, 曽我 直樹1, 山中 智子1 & 野地 博行1

  1. 東京大学大学院 工学系研究科 応用化学専攻
  2. 科学技術振興機構 PREST さきがけ
We present a micro-device in which more than 10,000 asymmetric lipid bilayer membranes are formed at a time on micro-chamber arrays. The arrayed asymmetric lipid bilayers, where lipid compositions are different between the inner and outer leaflets, are formed with high efficiency of over 97% by injecting several types of liquids into a micro-device that has hydrophilic-in-hydrophobic surfaces. The lipid compositional asymmetry is an intrinsic property of bio-membranes, and therefore, this micro-device extends the versatility of artificial lipid-bilayer systems, which were previously limited to symmetric bilayer formation, and could contribute to the understanding of the role of lipid compositional asymmetry in cell physiology and also to further analytical and pharmacological applications.