Research Abstract


Tracking single-particle dynamics via combined optical and electrical sensing

2013年5月20日 Scientific Reports 3 : 1855 doi: 10.1038/srep01855


雪本 直哉1, 2, 筒井 真楠1, Yuhui He1, 新宅 博文2, 田中 照司1, 2, 川野 聡恭2, 川合 知二1 & 谷口 正輝1

  1. 大阪大学 産業科学研究所
  2. 大阪大学大学院 基礎工学研究科機能創成専攻
While fluorescent imaging has been extensively used for single-particle tracking, temporal and spatial resolution of the wide-field microscopy technology is not satisfactory for investigating fast-moving features. Here we report a method for probing nanometer-scale motion of an individual particle through a microstructured channel at sub-MHz by combining a resistive pulse technique to the optical sensing. We demonstrate unambiguous discriminations of translocation and non-translocation events inferred from spike-like electrical signals by fluorescence images captured synchronously to ionic current measurements. We also find a trajectory-dependent translocation dynamics of voltage-driven single-particles through a microchannel. This electrical/optical approach may find applications in sensor technologies based on micro- and nano-electromechanical systems.