Research Abstract


Macroscopic nucleation phenomena in continuum media with long-range interactions

2011年11月21日 Scientific Reports 1 : 162 doi: 10.1038/srep00162


西野 正理1,2,7, Cristian Enachescu3, 宮下 精二4,7, Per Arne Rikvold5, Kamel Boukheddaden6 & François Varret6

  1. 独立行政法人 物質・材料研究機構 理論計算科学ユニット
  2. 東京大学物性研究所
  3. アレクサンドル・ヨアン・クザ大学(ルーマニア)
  4. 東京大学大学院理学系研究科
  5. フロリダ州立大学(米国)
  6. CNRS–ヴェルサイユ・サン=カンタン・アン・イヴリーヌ大学(フランス)
  7. 独立行政法人 科学技術振興機構
Nucleation, commonly associated with discontinuous transformations between metastable and stable phases, is crucial in fields as diverse as atmospheric science and nanoscale electronics. Traditionally, it is considered a microscopic process (at most nano-meter), implying the formation of a microscopic nucleus of the stable phase. Here we show for the first time, that considering long-range interactions mediated by elastic distortions, nucleation can be a macroscopic process, with the size of the critical nucleus proportional to the total system size. This provides a new concept of ‘‘macroscopic barrier-crossing nucleation’’. We demonstrate the effect in molecular dynamics simulations of a model spin-crossover system with two molecular states of different sizes, causing elastic distortions.