Research Abstract


Unsymmetrical hot electron heating in quasi-ballistic nanocontacts

2012年1月10日 Scientific Reports 2 : 217 doi: 10.1038/srep00217


筒井 真楠1, 川合 知二1 & 谷口 正輝1

  1. 大阪大学 産業科学研究所
Electrons are allowed to pass through a single atom connected to two electrodes without being scattered as the characteristic size is much smaller than the inelastic mean free path. In this quasi-ballistic regime, it is difficult to predict where and how power dissipation occurs in such current-carrying atomic system. Here, we report direct assessment of electrical heating in a metallic nanocontact. We find asymmetric electrical heating effects in the essentially symmetric single-atom contact. We simultaneously identified the voltage polarity independent onset of the local heating by conducting the inelastic noise spectroscopy. As a result, we revealed significant heat dissipation by hot electrons transmitting ballistically through the junction that creates a hot spot at the current downstream. This technique can be used as a platform for studying heat dissipation and transport in atomic/molecular systems.