Research Abstract


Direct observation of crystal defects in an organic molecular crystals of copper hexachlorophthalocyanine by STEM-EELS

2012年2月7日 Scientific Reports 2 : 252 doi: 10.1038/srep00252


治田 充貴1 & 倉田 博基1

  1. 京都大学化学研究所
The structural analysis of crystal defects in organic thin films provides fundamental insights into their electronic properties for applications such as field effect transistors. Observation of crystal defects in organic thin films has previously been performed at rather low resolution by conventional transmission electron microscopy based on phase-contrast imaging. Herein, we apply for the first time annular dark-field imaging to the direct observation of grain boundaries in copper hexachlorophthalocyanine thin films at the atomic resolution level by using an aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope combined with electron energy-loss spectroscopy. By using a low-dose technique and an optimized detection angle, we were able to visualize the contrast of light element (C and N) together with the heavier elements (Cl and Cu) within the molecular column. We were also able to identify unexpected molecular orientations in the grain boundaries along the {110} crystallographic planes giving rise to stacking faults.