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The environmental cost of a loaf of bread


Peter Hortonたちは、英国で製造される重さ800 gの全粒粉パン1個に対し、製造の全局面に着目してライフサイクルアセスメントの手法を用いた。研究チームは、パンおよび小麦粉のメーカー、ならびに大手農業サービス提供者と協力することにより、ほぼ全ての段階に関して直接的なデータを得ることができた。続いて、地球温暖化の可能性、淡水汚染、人間の健康に有害な毒素の生成など、環境に対する6カテゴリーの影響を評価した。その結果、サプライチェーン全体による地球温暖化の可能性は、パン1個当たりCO2 0.589 kgに相当することが分かった。研究チームは、有害な影響の半分以上を栽培が占め、そのなかで、単一の要素としては硝酸塩肥料の使用が最大であったことを明確に示した。


An analysis of the environmental impact of the steps involved in producing a loaf of bread, from growing the wheat to its delivery to the consumer, is presented in a paper published online this week in Nature Plants. The study reveals that over half of the environmental impact of this production process comes from cultivating the wheat used to make the bread loaf, with over 40% attributable to the use of ammonium nitrate fertiliser alone.

Peter Horton and colleagues used a life cycle assessment approach for a single wholegrain loaf of bread, weighing a total of 800 g and produced within the UK, looking at all aspects of its manufacture. They were able to obtain direct data for almost all stages by collaborating with a commercial bread and flour producer and a large agronomy services provider. They then assessed six categories of environmental effects, including global warming potential, pollution of freshwater, and production of toxins dangerous to human health. They found that the global warming potential from the whole supply chain was 0.589 kg CO2 equivalent per loaf of bread. By all measures, the authors show that cultivation accounted for at least half of the harmful effects and, within that, the use of nitrate fertilizer was the biggest single component.

The authors note that delivering high yields of high protein bread wheat without using unsustainable amounts of fertiliser will be a grand challenge for the twenty-first century. However, as the environmental impact of fertiliser use is not costed within the system, there are currently no effective incentives to use it sustainably.

doi: 10.1038/nplants.2017.12

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