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Cactus-strophic extinction ahead



Barbara Goettschたちは、現生するサボテン1480種のうち1478種に関して絶滅のリスクを明らかにした。それによれば、サボテンは、現在までに評価が行われた植物分類群の中で、絶滅の危機が5番目に深刻であることが分かった。絶滅危惧種が最も多いのは、ブラジル・リオグランデドスウ州南部、およびウルグアイ・アルティガス県北部である。サボテンが直面する危機のなかでも特に重大なものは、農業用および水産養殖用としての土地の転用、生物学的資源としてのサボテンの収集、および住宅用・商用の開発である。


Cacti are among the most threatened groups of plants assessed to date, with over 30% of species at risk of extinction, according to a study published online in Nature Plants.

The likelihood of extinction among plant species remains poorly understood, with only 19,374 of an estimated 300,000 species having been evaluated. Cacti are a culturally significant group, distributed primarily in the arid environments of the Americas, with a long history of human use for ornamental horticulture, food and medicine. Despite the pressures these regions face, they have not attracted the conservation attention associated with other environments, such as tropical forests.

Barbara Goettsch and colleagues determined the risk of extinction of 1,478 of the 1,480 species of extant cacti. They find that cacti are the fifth most threatened taxonomic group of plants assessed to date. The greatest numbers of threatened species are found in southern Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and in northern Artigas, Uruguay. The most significant threats facing cacti are the appropriation of land for agriculture and aquaculture, the collection of cacti as biological resources, and residential and commercial development.

The authors suggest that their study demonstrates that global species assessments can be undertaken for major plant taxa (groups) with relatively moderate resources.

doi: 10.1038/nplants.2015.142

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