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Physics: Beam vibrations used to measure ‘big G’

振動する金属梁の間に働く重力相互作用を調べることで、ニュートンの重力定数を測定したことを報告する論文が、今週Nature Physics に掲載される。スイスアルプスの地下にある実験室で行われたこの実験によって、重力の動的性質に関する知見が得られた。


今回Jürg Dualたちは、スイスアルプスの下の元地下軍事施設(ここでは、極めて静かで温度が安定した環境が得られる)にある実験室において、支持体から2本の梁を平行につるし、梁の1本を振動させた。その結果、梁の間の重力相互作用によって、もう1つの梁に運動が誘起され、これまでの実験よりずっと高い周波数でのビッグGの動的測定が可能になった。

関連するN&VではChristian Rothleitnerが、著者たちの「実験は、ニュートンの重力の法則を検証する未知の領域に入っており、重力のより完全な理解につながる重要な道筋である」と述べている。

Newton’s constant of gravitation has been measured by studying the gravitational interaction between vibrating metal beams, according to a paper published in Nature Physics. The experiment — conducted in a laboratory under the Swiss Alps — will enable insights into the dynamic nature of gravitation.

Newton’s constant of gravitation — known as big G — is a fundamental constant involved in the determination of the gravitational force between two objects. The value of big G must be determined experimentally. However, the uncertainty of big G is relatively high with a large spread in measured values, suggesting that not all sources of uncertainty are known or well understood. Alternative measurement methods are therefore needed.

In a laboratory located in a former underground military facility under the Swiss Alps (which provides a very quiet and temperature-stable environment), Jürg Dual and colleagues suspended two beams in parallel from a support, and set one of the beams into vibration. The gravitational interaction between the beams then induced a motion of the other beam, allowing for the dynamic measurement of big G at much higher frequencies than previous experiments.

In an accompanying News & Views, Christian Rothleitner states that the authors’ “experiment is entering into unknown territory for verifying Newton’s law of gravitation — an important path to follow towards a more complete understanding of gravitation”.

doi: 10.1038/s41567-022-01642-8


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