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Nature Communications

Planetary science: Martian debris flows from 'recent' running water


現在の火星は、非常に低温で乾燥しており、大気が希薄なため、地表の水分は極めて少ない。しかし、最近になって斜面に刻み込まれた広大なガリ(雨裂)系が発見され、液体の水の流れによって地表面が削られてできたものであることが示唆されている。今回、Tjalling de Haasたちは、最大100万年前のものとされる火星のクレーターを調べて、土石流の規模と水の推定量を計算し、水深数センチメートルの液体の水が集水域に存在し、それが土石流を頻発させたという見解を示している。de Haasたちは、火星軌道の変化が関係する周期的な温暖期に融解が起こったと考えている。

今回の研究結果は、この集水域内に存在していた雪と氷の量がこれまで考えられていたよりもかなり多かったことを示唆している。また、de Haasたちは、今回研究対象となった方位の火星の斜面が極めて活発な環境であり、地球の場合と同じような頻度で土石流が起こっていたのが地質学的尺度でごく最近のことだったと考えている。

Evidence that running water caused frequent debris flows on Mars is reported in a paper published in Nature Communications. Although there is no running water there now, it is thought that sufficient water was flowing in the last million years to cause these frequent flows, suggesting a much more dynamic environment until relatively recently.

Mars is currently very cold and dry and its thin atmosphere makes liquid water at its surface exceptionally rare. However, recent discoveries of extensive gully systems incised into slopes suggest that they were carved by the flow of liquid water. Tjalling de Haas and colleagues investigate a crater that has a maximum age of one million years and calculate the debris flow size and the volumes of water that must have been present. They suggest that centimetres of liquid water existed in the catchment areas resulting in frequent debris flows. The authors think that the melting must have occurred in cyclical periods of warmer climate related to changes in the planet’s orbit.

The results of the study imply that much larger volumes of snow and ice must have existed within the catchment areas than previously imagined. They also suggest that Martian slopes oriented like the one studied were extremely active environments, with Earth-like debris flow frequencies in the geologically very recent past.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms8543

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