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Ecology: Cross-border cooperation would give Borneo a bright future



今回、Rebecca Runtingたちは、この3国が保全計画と経済計画の策定作業を統合して現在の目標を達成することによる費用節約効果を定量化した。その結果、協調的な計画手法をとった場合には、「これまで通りの」基礎シナリオと比べて、ボルネオ島の3国全ての領土で、かなりの広さの生息地が確保され、開発目標は達成され、かなりの経済的節約にもなることが判明した。そうした協調的シナリオでは、一部の地域で土地の用途指定を保護区域から農地、または農地から保護区域に変更する必要があると考えられている。


The island of Borneo can successfully meet conservation targets for protecting orangutan and elephant habitats if its three national jurisdictions work together, finds a study in Nature Communications. This integrated planning approach would allow the island to retain around half of its land as forest and save at least US$43 billion.

Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and harbours a large number of endemic and endangered species. Its total forested area has declined substantially since the 1970s due to agricultural expansion, in particular the production of palm oil. Division of the island into three national jurisdictions ? Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei ? each with their own development priorities also means that agreement on coordinated efforts may be difficult to achieve.

Rebecca Runting and colleagues quantify how much money could be saved if all three jurisdictions integrated their conservation and economic planning efforts to meet current targets. They find that, compared to a baseline scenario of business-as-usual, adopting a co-ordinated planning approach would allow all three jurisdictions to retain substantial amounts of habitat, meet their development goals and achieve substantial economic savings. Under such a cooperative scenario some land areas would need to swap their current designations from protected areas to agricultural land, and vice versa.

In addition, while the authors acknowledge that overcoming political boundaries remains a challenge for future progress, these results may be a useful model for other areas of the globe where high levels of biodiversity come into conflict with geopolitical borders.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms7819

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