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Chemistry: Rare graphene defects allow proton transfer



今回、Franz Geigerたちは、溶融石英の上に単層のグラフェンを置き、そのグラフェンにさまざまなpHの水溶液を流してプロトンの透過があるかどうかを調べた。その結果、グラフェンに自然発生する稀少な原子欠陥があると、単層のグラフェンにおいて、選択的で可逆的なプロトン移動が室温で起こることが判明した。Geigerたちは、そうした原子欠陥が1平方マイクロメートルのグラフェンにわずか数個あるだけで、急速なプロトン移動を発生させるために十分だと推定している。以上の新知見は、燃料電池の効率向上と今よりも薄く選択性の高い膜の開発に向けた重要な第一歩となる可能性がある。ただし、原子欠陥の密度を正確に決定することが、特に大きなスケールのグラフェンにおけるプロトン移動の機構に関する他の仮説を否定するうえで極めて重要なこととなるだろう。

A mechanism for aqueous proton transfer across graphene, through rare atomic defects, is described in Nature Communications this week. The identification of this mechanism could be an important step towards improving proton-selective membranes for fuel cell technology.

Computational studies have previously indicated that protons should not be able to pass through graphene at room temperature unless nanoscale holes or impurities are introduced, although recent experimental studies have demonstrated that transfer may be possible under the application of certain voltages.

Franz Geiger and colleagues placed a single layer of graphene on top of fused silica and passed an aqueous solution at varying pH across the graphene to see if any protons would pass through. The authors report that rare, naturally occurring atomic defects in graphene allowed selective, reversible proton transfer through the single graphene layer, at room temperature. They estimated that only a few of these defects per square micrometre of graphene are sufficient to allow rapid transfer. These findings may represent an important first step towards increasing fuel cell efficiency and the development of thinner, more selective membranes. However, accurate determination of the density of defects, especially in larger scale graphene, will be crucial in ruling out other mechanisms for proton transfer.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms7539

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