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Diet: Cholesterol is an inflammatory issue


欧米スタイルの食事は、ますます普及しているが、潰瘍性大腸炎、クローン病などの慢性炎症性腸疾患に関連すると考えられている。しかし、欧米式の食事がこうした疾患と結び付く機構については明確になっていない。今回、Margaret Dallmanたちは、クロテッドクリーム(乳脂肪分の高い濃厚なクリーム)を水槽の水で薄めて、コレステロールが多く含まれる状態を作り出し、そこで飼育されたゼブラフィッシュの腸内で、クリーム摂取から数時間以内に炎症応答が起こったことを明らかにした。Dallmanたちは、こうした応答の直接の原因が、腸の内壁を覆う上皮細胞上のタンパク質とコレステロールとの結合であり、間接的な原因としては、腸内細菌からのシグナル伝達であることを明らかにした。こうした原因が組み合わさって、腸上皮細胞でインフラマソーム(炎症を引き起こす多タンパク複合体)の活性化が起こった。


A potential mechanism by which cholesterol rich, ‘Western-style’ diets can lead to inflammatory gut problems, is reported in Nature Communications this week. The mechanism, described in zebrafish, may improve our understanding of how what we eat affects our health.

Increasingly common, Western-style diets have been linked to chronic inflammatory intestinal problems, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease; however, the mechanisms linking diet and disease remain unclear. Margaret Dallman and colleagues find that, within hours of eating cholesterol rich food (clotted cream diluted in their water), zebrafish, quickly develop an inflammatory response in the intestine. The authors show that this is caused directly by the binding of cholesterol to a protein found on the epithelial cells that line the gut, and is also indirectly caused by signalling from gut-dwelling microbes. Together these signals trigger the activation of the inflammasome, a multi-protein complex that initiates inflammation, in intestinal epithelial cells.

After ten days on a cholesterol rich diet, normal peristalsis - the muscular wave of contraction and relaxation that moves food along the gastro-intestinal tract - was found to be impaired, a hallmark of gastro-intestinal disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. Taken together, these results suggest that acute inflammatory responses in the gut may contribute to longer-term health problems. However, more research is necessary to determine whether these findings are relevant to humans.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms6864

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