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Obesity: A ‘natural’ way to burn off calories



この論文で、Guang Ningたちは、遺伝的肥満マウスと高脂肪食を摂取するマウスにおいて、ベルベリンがエネルギー消費を増やし、体重の増加を抑え、低温耐性を改善し、褐色脂肪組織の活性を増強することを報告している。今回の研究では、ベルベリンのこうした作用が、熱産生によってカロリーを燃焼させる2種類の脂肪組織(褐色脂肪といわゆるベージュ脂肪)を活性化することによって生じることが明らかになった。また、ベルベリンが発揮する潜在的に有益な代謝作用の作用機構も初めて確立された。ただし、この機構がヒトにおいても働くかどうかは、今後の検証の結果を待たなければならない。

A plant-derived molecule called berberine can help rodents burn off excess calories by increasing the activity of brown fat, a study in Nature Communications reports this week. Brown fat plays an active role in energy expenditure by metabolising fatty acids and generating heat.

The compound, berberine, is found in various plants used as herbal remedies, including some used in traditional Chinese medicine. Berberine has previously been found to have a variety of metabolic benefits, including anti-diabetic and cholesterol-lowering effects.

Guang Ning and colleagues report that berberine increases energy expenditure, limits weight gain, improves cold tolerance and enhances brown adipose tissue activity in genetically obese mice and in mice that consume a high-fat diet. They find that it does this by activating two types of fat tissue - brown fat and so-called beige fat - that burn off calories by producing heat. The work establishes a new mechanism of action for the potentially beneficial metabolic effects exerted by berberine; whether this mechanism also works in humans remains to be tested.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms6493

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