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Planetary science: Shifting sands of Mars


今回、Francois Ayoubたちは、マーズ・リコネサンス・オービターによって得られた数年分の高分解能画像を用いて、火星のニリ・パテラ砂丘地域の詳細な測定を行った。この測定で、砂漣の移動が毎日のように起こっており、強い季節性があることが明らかになった。砂漣の移動は、地球上の砂丘で一般的に起こっている現象である。Ayoubたちは、この測定結果と大気モデルを用いて、火星の風応力の閾値(砂を動かすために必要な風量)を推定した。


Evidence of daily winds on Mars, which are strong enough to transport sand, is presented online in Nature Communications this week. Previous observations indicated that the Martian landscape was eroded by wind, but until recently sand-moving winds on Mars were thought to be rare due to the thin atmosphere. In addition, the strength, frequency and origin of the sand-moving winds have remained undetermined.

Francois Ayoub and colleagues present detailed measurements from the Martian Nili Patera dune field, based on a years' worth of high resolution imagery from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. These measurements demonstrate ripple migration, a phenomenon commonly found in sand dunes on Earth, and show that sand movement occurs daily and is strongly seasonal. The authors use these observations and an atmospheric model to estimate a wind stress threshold (the amount of wind required for sand motion) for Mars.

The research opens new avenues for the investigation of climate conditions and geomorphic processes on Mars, and the interpretation of the landscapes revealed by orbital and rover exploration. No equivalent measurements are currently possible on Earth due to lack of adequate imagery and this study may stimulate dedicated Earth-based experiments.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms6096

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