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Ageing: The role of inflammation in ageing



今回、Thomas von Zglinickiたちは、遺伝子操作マウスが慢性で進行性の軽度炎症にかかると、早期老化が起こることを明らかにした。その原因について、Zglinickiたちは、活性酸素種(酸素を含む化学反応性分子)によってDNAが損傷して、そのためにテロメアの短縮が進み、その結果として、老化細胞の蓄積が促進されるという仮説を示している。細胞老化が進むと、慢性炎症が悪化し、組織の再生が抑制され、老化がさらに加速するのだ。また、Zglinickiたちは、抗炎症薬イブプロフェンや抗酸化剤の投与によって、炎症が発生した組織における老化細胞の蓄積が阻止され、組織の再生能が回復することも明らかにした。


A mechanism by which chronic low-grade inflammation may lead to cell senescence and ageing in mice has been reported in this week’s Nature Communications.

Chronic inflammation is associated with both normal and pathological ageing. Telomere damage, resulting in cellular senescence-living cells that no longer grow or divide-limits the ability of tissue to regenerate and repair itself, an ability which is of prime importance for maintaining organ function during ageing.

Thomas von Zglinicki and colleagues show that chronic, progressive low grade inflammation, in genetically modified mice, induces premature ageing. They hypothesize that this is due to enhanced telomere shortening due to DNA damage from reactive oxygen species-chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen-and that this in turn accelerates the accumulation of senescent cells. Cell senescence then aggravates chronic inflammation, limits tissue regeneration and further accelerates ageing. Researchers also found that accumulation of senescent cells in affected tissues was blocked by treatment with the anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen or with antioxidants, which rescues the tissues’ ability to regenerate.

These data indicate that inflammation can accelerate ageing in the absence of any other genetic or environmental factor. However, the molecular and cellular mechanisms of these interactions during ageing are not completely understood. In addition, the type of genetic modification used to induce aging in mice is accompanied by severe pathologies. The relevance of these observations to normal ageing, and ageing in humans, therefore remains somewhat uncertain.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms5172

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