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Nature Communications

Chemistry: Capturing CO2 released by natural gas extraction



今回、James Tourたちは、炭素-硫黄系と炭素-窒素系多孔質材料を用いた二酸化炭素の捕捉を実証した。この捕捉過程では、天然ガス井戸と同様の条件下で、この多孔質材料の孔の中で二酸化炭素の重合が起こる。今回の研究で、この重合が200~300バールという工業に適した圧力で起こり、この圧力を解放すれば、脱重合が起こることも明らかになった。

A porous carbon material potentially capable of capturing the carbon dioxide (CO2) released during natural gas extraction is reported in Nature Communications this week. Continued development of this technology may have implications for the capture and long term storage of carbon dioxide from natural gas streams.

Raw natural gas typically contains a large proportion of CO2 that must be separated; a process that at present relies on chemical scrubbing, in which the CO2 is dissolved into cold solutions of amines.

James Tour and colleagues have demonstrated that carbon-sulphur and carbon-nitrogen based porous materials are capable of CO2 capture. The process involves polymerization of the CO2 in the material’s pores under conditions similar to those found in a gas well environment. This polymerization is shown to occur at the industrially relevant pressures of 200-300 bar, and can be reversed when the pressure is released.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4961

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