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Neuroscience: Using designer receptors to treat epilepsy


焦点性てんかん発作は、神経障害の主たる原因の1つとなっている。残念なことに、この種のてんかんは、治療が難しいことがよく知られている。しかし、これまでの数々の研究によって、こうした発作を光遺伝学的手法(遺伝子操作された脳内のニューロンの活動を光によって低下させる手法)で軽減する可能性が示唆されていた。ただし、このアプローチでは、発作を必要に応じて止めるために導光装置の侵襲的移植が必要となる。今回、Dimitri Kullmannたちは、侵襲性のかなり低い方法を用いて、DREADDという特製の阻害性受容体を焦点性てんかん発作のラットの脳内で発現させ、クロザピン-N-オキシドという薬剤を用いて、この受容体を活性化させた。その結果、この受容体が活性を保っている間、この方法で発作が軽減されることが分かった。


The expression of receptors designed to respond to specific drugs in the brains of rats has been shown to be effective in reducing seizures in animals with focal epilepsy. The study, reported in this week’s Nature Communications, could prove to be a useful strategy in treating forms of epilepsy that are unresponsive to current forms of treatment.

Seizures that are a result of focal epilepsy are a major cause of neurological disability. Unfortunately, this type of epilepsy is notoriously difficult to treat. Studies have, however, suggested that seizures may be lessened using optogenetics-a process where light reduces the activity of genetically modified neurons in the brain. However, this approach requires invasive implants of light-delivery devices to achieve seizure termination on demand. Using a much less invasive approach, Dimitri Kullmann and colleagues expressed inhibitory designer receptors known as DREADDs in the brains of rats with focal epilepsy and activated these receptors with the drug clozapine-N-oxide. They found that this approach successfully reduced seizure activity over the period that the receptors were active.

Although the authors were not able to match optogenetic approaches in terms of the speed of reduction in seizure activity, they conclude that the relatively non-invasive nature of the approach, and the large areas of brain that can be affected by the drugs, make translation of this method into the clinic much more likely.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4847

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