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Genetics: Fungal genome highlights genetic basis of rice infection

イネの病気である稲こうじ病を引き起こす稲こうじ病菌(Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takah)という真菌の概要塩基配列について報告する論文が、今週掲載される。今回の研究では、この真菌の病原性において何らかの役割を果たす可能性のある遺伝子が同定され、この真菌の感染機構に関する手掛かりも得られた。この感染機構は、病害防除法の標的となる可能性がある。

稲こうじ病は、稲こうじ病菌を原因とする穀物の病気の一種で、世界の稲作地域の大半(中国の稲作地帯の約3分の1を含む)が被害を受けており、全世界で深刻な経済的損失をもたらしてきた。今回、Wenxian Sunたちは、稲こうじ病の解明を進めるため、稲こうじ病菌の概要塩基配列の解読を行い、さらに、4つの稲こうじ病菌株の低カバー率塩基配列解読を行い、他の11の真菌種との比較解析を行った。



The draft genome sequence of a fungus that causes the disease, false smut, in rice crops is reported this week in Nature Communications. The study identified genes that may play a role in the disease-causing potential of this fungus and provides insights into mechanisms of infection that could potentially be targeted for disease control.

Rice false smut is a grain disease caused by the fungus, Ustilaginoidea virens (Cooke) Takah. The disease affects the majority of rice growing areas, including approximately one third of the rice cultivation regions in China, and has been responsible for severe economic losses worldwide. To advance our understanding of this disease, Wenxian Sun and colleagues sequenced the draft genome of U. virens, carried out low-coverage sequencing on four additional U. virens strains, and performed a comparative analysis with eleven other fungal species.

The team identified genes that indicate that U. virens absorbs nutrients through the stamen filaments of the host plant which disadvantages, but does not kill, the plant itself. They also identified several genes that are responsible for toxin production that likely contributes to the pathogenicity of this fungal strain.

These findings provide insight into the evolution and host adaptations of U. virens, as well as pathogenic fungi in general and may provide a platform for effective disease control.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4849

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