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Cancer: Gene variants associated with drug resistance


パクリタキセルは、乳がんの治療に用いられる化学療法薬だが、薬剤耐性が生じる症例が多い。今回、Zhi-Ming Shao、Ke-Da Yuたちは、パクリタキセルの投与を受ける前と受けた後の患者由来の乳がん組織について塩基配列解読を行った。その結果、一部の患者において、投与後のTEKT4遺伝子の変異量が増加していることが分かった。今回の論文では、こうした患者の無病生存期間と全生存期間が、TEKT4遺伝子の多様体を持たない患者より短いことが指摘されている。


Genetic variations in the gene TEKT4 are associated with resistance to the breast cancer chemotherapy drug, paclitaxel, reports a study published in Nature Communications this week. These findings highlight a possible mechanism for resistance to paclitaxel in a subset of breast cancer patients.

Paclitaxel is a chemotherapeutic agent used to treat breast cancer; however, this treatment is often met with drug resistance. Zhi-Ming Shao, Ke-Da Yu, and colleagues sequenced breast cancer tissue from patients both before and after paclitaxel treatment and found that some samples had increased levels of TEKT4 gene variation after treatment. The authors note that these patients had reduced overall disease free survival compared to patients without the variants.

The protein product of TEKT4 is known to stabilise microtubules - filaments in cells that are important for cell division, which are the target of paclitaxel. In cultured cells in the laboratory, the authors showed that expression of the variant TEKT4 gene resulted in enhanced resistance to paclitaxel and destabilised microtubules. These findings provide a possible mechanism for how a subset of breast cancer patients may develop resistance to paclitaxel.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4802

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