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Neuroscience: A bird’s eye view of third parties


多くの生物種において、同じ集団の構成員同士の関係を理解することは、生き残りの鍵であり、この能力は、社会的知能の中核的特徴とされる。ヒトと霊長類、そして、類似の社会的組織と階層を有する哺乳類が、この能力を有することが知られている。これに対して、鳥類が、こうした社会力学の理解できるのかどうかは明らかになっていなかった。今回、Jorg Massenたちは、この点を調べるため、ワタリガラスに、自分の社会集団内の具体的な優勢順位を知っている自分以外のワタリガラスと他のワタリガラスとの音声的相互作用を録音した音声ファイルを聞かせる実験を行った。その結果、ワタリガラスは、自らの集団内での序列の逆転をシミュレートした音声を聞いた時に、現在の優勢順位に従った優劣関係に基づいた相互作用を示す音声を聞いた場合とは異なる行動プロファイル(例えば、頭の向きを変えることや体を震わせること)を示した。



Ravens are capable of distinguishing different interactions between other ravens and alter their behaviour accordingly, reports a study in Nature Communications this week. The findings demonstrate that ravens, like primates and humans, understand third party relationships.

In many species, understanding relationships between different group members is key to survival and is a core feature of social intelligence. This behaviour is known to occur in humans and primates, as well as other mammals that have similar social organisations and hierarchies. However, it is not clear whether birds also share this understanding of social dynamics. To investigate this, Jorg Massen and colleagues played audio files containing vocal interactions of different ravens to other ravens that are familiar with a specific dominance hierarchy within their social group. They find that ravens show different behaviour profiles (for example, head turns and body shakes) after playbacks that simulate a rank reversal in their group in comparison to playbacks that suggest dominance interactions in line with the current dominance hierarchy.

The authors suggest that these findings support the hypothesis that even though humans and birds have vastly different brain structures, complex cognitive abilities evolved multiple times in these distantly related species in order to solve similar social problems.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4679

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