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Chemical science: Turkey inspired sensors show their true colours


刺激に応答して変色する物質は、自然に数多く存在し、センサーの基盤としての利用に高い関心が集まっている。しかし、天然の物質もそれを代替する合成物質も特定の化学物質に対しては選択性がないため、そうした選択性の導入が課題となっていた。今回、Seung-Wuk Leeたちは、線維状細菌ウィルスでできたセンサー材料を作製した。この線維状細菌ウィルスは、揮発性有機化合物にさらされると急速に膨潤し、独特な色の変化を起こす。また、Leeたちは、このセンサーを調整することで、トリニトロトルエン(TNT)に応答し、その検出ができるようになることも明らかにし、この調整によって、他の有害化学物質の検出も可能になると考えている。


A bio-inspired sensor that can change colour in response to volatile organic chemicals is reported in Nature Communications this week. The sensor, which mimics the structure of turkey skins and their ability to change the skin colour depending on their mood, could allow for the simple detection of a variety of harmful poisons and pathogens that are a threat to human health.

Many materials in nature change colours in response to stimuli, making them attractive for use as sensor platforms. However, both natural materials and their synthetic substitutes lack selectivity towards specific chemicals, and introducing such selectivity remains a challenge. Seung-Wuk Lee and colleagues created a sensing material composed of filamentous bacterial viruses that could rapidly swell and undergo distinct colour changes when exposed to volatile organic compounds. The team also demonstrate that the sensors could be tailored to respond to and detect TNT. They suggest that this tailoring could also allow for detection of other harmful chemicals.

The authors go on to show that measuring the change in colour with a simple smartphone camera gives a reliable indication of the presence and concentration of these compounds. This convenient, inexpensive, detection method combined with the ability to tune the sensor for different targets may offer an attractive method for detecting harmful and dangerous chemicals in the environment.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms4043

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