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Medical research: Eliminating pain without side effects


モルヒネは、一部の急性・慢性疼痛の治療に高い有効性を示すが、その使用は、負の副作用を伴うために、制約を受けることが多い。主な副作用は、便秘や呼吸抑制、中毒だ。モルヒネは、モルヒネ受容体で働くことで効果を示し、痛みを伝達するニューロンの興奮性を制御するカリウムチャネルの活性に間接的に影響を及ぼすことが知られている。そうした痛覚に関係するとされるカリウムチャネルの1つがTREK-1カリウムチャネルで、今回、Alain Eschalierたちは、TREK-1のモルヒネに対する応答を調べた。そして、TREK-1を持たないマウスを使った実験が行われ、モルヒネの鎮痛効果が低下した一方で、便秘、呼吸抑制、中毒は、正常なマウスの場合と同程度だったことが判明した。この結果は、TREK-1カリウムチャネルが積極的な鎮痛効果のみを仲介することを示唆している。


A specific potassium channel responsible for mediating the analgesic effects of morphine, but not the adverse side effects, is identified in a study in this week’s Nature Communications. These findings may help to develop pain treatments that have minimal side effects.

Morphine is highly effective in treating some forms of acute and chronic pain, however its use is often limited by associated negative side effects. The main side effects include constipation, respiratory depression and addiction. Morphine exerts its effects by acting at morphine receptors and is known to have indirect effects on the activity of potassium channels that control the excitability of neurons that transmit pain. The TREK-1 potassium channel is one such channel implicated in pain perception that Alain Eschalier and colleagues studied for its response to morphine. In mice that were lacking TREK-1 potassium channels, they found that morphine exerted a reduced analgesic effect, but still affected constipation, respiratory depression and dependence to the same extent as in normal mice. This suggests that only the positive analgesic effects are mediated by TREK-1 potassium channels.

Although these studies were conducted in mice, the authors hope that these findings will lead to further translational research using compounds that selectively activate TREK-1 potassium channels, resulting in new pain relief drugs with maximum efficacy and minimal side effects.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3941

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