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Materials: Insect-inspired antibacterial surfaces


昆虫の羽の表面特徴からは、疎水性、抗菌活性など、いくつかの興味深い特性が得られる。今回、Elena Ivanovaたちは、トンボの羽の表面特徴を解析して、合成材料ブラックシリコンの表面特徴と明らかに類似していることを見いだした。Ivanovaたちは、この観察をさらに進めて、この2つの材料の比較研究を行い、ブラックシリコンにも高い抗菌性があり、さまざまなタイプの細菌に対して抗菌活性を示すことを明らかにした。今回の研究結果は、次世代抗菌表面として使用されているブラックシリコンにとっての地固めとなる可能性があると考えられている。

A synthetic antibacterial surface made of black silicon is reported in Nature Communications this week. This material takes its inspiration from the surface of dragonfly wings, which are known to have natural antibacterial properties, and could lead to the development of other biomimetic antibacterial surfaces.

The surface features of insect wings result in some interesting properties, including hydrophobicity and antibacterial activity. Elena Ivanova and colleagues analysed the surface features of dragonfly wings and noticed a distinct similarity to the surface features of the synthetic material, black silicon. Furthering this observation, they carry out a comparative study of both materials, and find that black silicon is also highly antibacterial and is active against various different types of bacteria. It is thought that these results could pave the way for black silicon now being used as a next-generation antibacterial surface.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3838

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