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Neuroscience: Channelling alcohol dependence


GABAイオンチャネルは、哺乳類の神経系が正常に機能するために必須のタンパク質だ。これまでの研究では、アルコールがGABAイオンチャネルの一部のタイプに影響を与えて、イオンチャネルの活性を高め、アルコール探索行動の亢進に寄与する可能性のあることが示唆されていた。ただし、この仮説については、決定的な実証が行われていない。今回、Quentin Ansteeたちは、この点に取り組むため、特定のタイプのGABA受容体が変異している2種類のトランスジェニックマウス系統について調べた。その結果、アルコールの摂取と自己投与が増加し、自発的に開口するGABAチャネルを有することが明らかになった。この開口活性の変化によって、マウスの脳の側坐核ニューロンの興奮性が変化する。側坐核は、報酬と依存症に大きく関係する脳領域だ。


Preferential consumption of alcohol in mice results from mutations in specific ion channels that mediate neurotransmission, reports a study in Nature Communications this week. These findings provide new insights into the different mechanisms involved in some forms of alcohol addiction.

GABA ion channels are essential for the normal functioning of the mammalian nervous system. Previous studies suggest that alcohol may exert an effect on some types of GABA ion channels that enhances their activity and contributes to an increase in alcohol-seeking behaviour. However, this hypothesis has not been conclusively proven. To address this, Quentin Anstee and colleagues study two transgenic mouse lines that have mutations in a specific type of GABA receptor. They find that these mice display increased alcohol consumption and self-administration, and are also characterised by GABA channels that can open spontaneously. This change in opening activity alters the excitability of neurons in the mouse brain nucleus accumbens, an area that is heavily implicated in reward and addiction.

Although these studies were carried out in mice, the authors hope that these findings may translate to humans, where mutations in GABA ion channels have been implicated in alcohol dependence in humans. If similar findings are made in humans they may lead to the development of drugs that target some forms of alcohol dependence.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3816

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