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Planetary sciences: Martian rocks suck


炭酸化は、地球上では広範に見られる鉱物学的プロセスで、CO2と液体の水とカンラン石鉱物の反応によって大気中のCO2が地中に吸収されて、地球の地殻内に炭酸塩として貯蔵されるというものだ。かつて火星に存在していたCO2を豊富に含む厚い大気層は、これに似た過程を経て失われたとする学説が提唱されている。今回、Tim Tomkinsonたちは、この学説が正しいのかどうかを突き止めるため、約3,000年前に地球上に落下した火星隕石Lafayetteに保存されていた鉱物を調べた。Lafayetteは、約13億年前の火星の地殻を形成していた。当時の火星の地殻には、微量の液体の水が存在していた。Tomkinsonたちは、電子ビームを用いて、この隕石の鉱物組成を分析し、カンラン石や長石などのケイ酸塩鉱物がCO2を豊富に含む液体水と相互作用して、炭酸塩を生成し、これがケイ酸塩鉱物の一部と置き換わっていったことを明らかにした。


The means by which Mars potentially lost its thick, carbon dioxide (CO2)-rich atmosphere are revealed in Nature Communications this week. The findings represent the first direct evidence for the process of carbonation on the Red Planet, something that is common on Earth today.

Carbonation is a widespread mineralogical process on Earth, whereby CO2, liquid water and olivine minerals react and result in CO2 in the atmosphere being sucked down and stored as carbonate in the Earth’s crust. It is proposed that Mars may have lost its formerly thick, CO2-rich atmosphere in a similar way. In order to discover whether this is indeed the case, Tim Tomkinson and colleagues examined the minerals preserved in Lafayette, a Martian meteorite that crashed to Earth around 3,000 years ago. Lafayette formed part of the Red Planet’s crust around 1,300 million years ago, when sparse amounts of liquid water existed in the planets crust. The team use electron beams to analyse the meteorite mineral composition and show that silicate minerals, such as olivine and feldspar, interacted with CO2-rich liquid water to form carbonate, which replaced some of these minerals.

Although the Lafayette meteorite comes from a time on Mars when the atmosphere was already thin, the team believe that this process was likely widespread 3,000 million years earlier, when Martian waters were charged with CO2 from a much thicker atmosphere.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3662

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