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Biogeochemistry: Does gold grow on trees?


ユーカリ属の木の周辺の土壌から微量の金が時々見つかるのだが、これまで未発見だった金資源の上にユーカリが生えているのか、それとも金の粒子が風でこの木に運ばれてきたのかを確かめるには、その地域に多大な迷惑をかけて、地中深くまで掘削してみないと簡単にはわからない。今回、Melvyn Linternたちは、X線画像化の一種を用いて、ユーカリの葉、小枝と樹皮の中に自然発生の金粒子が含まれていることを発見し、この方法が、土地の侵襲的な掘削をせずに金粒子を特定するうえで役立つ可能性を明らかにした。Linternたちは、地下35メートルの地点に金鉱床があり、その上に生えているユーカリが乾燥条件下で水分源を求めているうちに、この金鉱床から金粒子を吸収するようになったという見方を示している。現地試料とLinternたちが行った温室実験から、ユーカリに害を及ぼさない濃度の微量の金粒子が根から吸収されて、葉などの末端部に輸送され、その結果、金粒子の濃度が末端部で最大値を記録したことが示唆されたのだ。


The detection of gold particles in the leaves of Eucalyptus trees provides a new way to locate buried gold deposits according to a study in Nature Communications this week. These findings could lead to the discovery of deeply buried gold deposits in difficult to reach locations.

Traces of gold are sometimes found in soils surrounding Eucalyptus trees; however, without heavily disturbing the area and digging to great depths it is difficult to determine whether the trees are indeed located above as yet undiscovered gold resources or if the gold particles were blown there by wind. Melvyn Lintern and colleagues use a type of X-ray imaging to identify naturally occurring gold particles in the leaves, twigs and bark of Eucalyptus trees that could help to identify gold deposits without the invasive excavation of land. The team suggest that the trees, growing above a gold deposit located 35 metres underground, tapped into the deposit while searching for moisture sources under drought conditions. Field samples and greenhouse experiments carried out by the team suggest that minute gold particles, at concentrations not harmful to the tree, are absorbed by the roots and transported to its extremities, such as leaves, where the highest concentrations were observed.

Considering the 45% decrease in gold discovery over the past decade, this link between climate, vegetation growth and buried gold deposits could prove instrumental in developing new technologies for mineral exploration.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3614

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