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Medical research: A nerve-wrecking treatment for severe hypertension


腎脱神経処置とは、腎動脈の神経を切断して神経系の活動を抑制することを目的とした介入法のことで、現在、治療抵抗性高血圧症の患者で実施されているが、成功例の数は限られている。今回、Julian Patonたちは、これとは別の方法として、頸動脈小体に接続する神経の切断を介した方法(「頸動脈小体脱神経処置」として知られる)の臨床への橋渡し可能性を実証した。頸動脈小体は、頸部の頸動脈分岐部付近にあり、血液中の酸素濃度を絶えず検知し、交感神経系(自律神経系の一部で、一般に闘争‐逃避反応と関連付けられている)を活性化させることで血圧を調節している。Patonたちは、高血圧ラットを用いた実験で、この部位の神経を切断すると、交感神経系の活動が比較的急速かつ長期的に低下し、血圧が低下することを明らかにした。特に重要なのは、この処置を腎脱神経処置に追加して実施した場合でも有効性が持続した点だ。


Mechanistic insight into an interventional technique that lowers blood pressure in rats is reported in Nature Communications. The work shows that carotid body denervation achieves this lowering of blood pressure by reducing activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This method could, with further testing, be used as a treatment for patients with drug-resistant hypertension.

Renal denervation - an intervention that aims to reduce nervous system activity by disabling nerves in renal arteries - is currently performed in patients with treatment-resistant hypertension but with limited success. Julian Paton and colleagues now demonstrate the translational potential of an alternative method that involves disabling specific nerves connected to the carotid body, a procedure known as carotid body denervation. The carotid body, located in the neck near the fork of the carotid artery, constantly measures oxygen levels in the blood and can modulate blood pressure by activating the sympathetic nervous system - the part of the autonomous nervous system commonly associated with the fight-or-flight response. The authors find that disabling these nerves leads to a relatively rapid and long-term reduction in the activity of the sympathetic nervous system and a decrease in blood pressure in hypertensive rats. Importantly, the procedure remained effective even if performed in addition to renal denervation.

Related clinical trials in patients with drug-resistant hypertension have been initiated to establish the effectiveness, safety and feasibility of this approach.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3395

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