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Materials: High-performance water purification


携帯型水処理システムは、大規模な水処理事業に比べて、数多くの利点があり、飲料水の供給が緊急問題となっている遠隔地では特に有益だ。そこで、Hui Ying Yangたちは、プラズマ処理されたカーボンナノチューブを多孔性セルロース担体と結合させて吸収性の高い膜を開発した。この膜は、塩の吸着能が極めて高く、それと同時に大型の生体分子と無機金属ナノ粒子を水から除去できる。この新しい膜技術は、必要なときに必要なところで使える次世代の充電式浄水装置の開発に役立つことが期待されている。

A state-of-the-art water desalination and purification system that uses carbon nanotube-based membranes is reported in Nature Communications this week. This system achieves high absorption of salt and other water contaminants and could lead to the development of a reusable tool for water purification.

Portable water treatment systems have many advantages over larger-scale operations, and are especially useful in remote locations where there are immediate water supply difficulties. Hui Ying Yang and colleagues have therefore developed a highly absorbent membrane made of plasma-treated carbon nanotubes bound to a cellulose based porous support. This membrane exhibits an ultrahigh capacity for salt adsorption, whilst simultaneously removing large biological molecules and also inorganic metal nanoparticles from water. It is hoped that this new membrane technology will aid the development of next-generation rechargeable, point-of-use water purification appliances.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3220

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